Thursday, September 2, 2010

Knitting in the Ukraine
See what I do while I travel? I'm knitting. I don't go anywhere without it. It is my security habit. My son Coulson doesn't even notice, since I've done it his whole life. This is one of the nice days in Kiev, the rest of the time has been very rainy. We have spent the week in Kiev walking and taking the metro. It's difficult to knit on the metro while you are smashed in like sardines, but I put it away so I don't accidentally stab anyone when the metro stops or starts. People just stare at me, but I really don't care. They are jealous they don't have something to do while just sitting. I like to just sit, I have something to entertain myself. I'm a true "knit-a-holic".
happy knitting from the Ukraine Sept 2, 2010