Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Grandmother was a KNITTER!!!

I'm such a blogging slacker, I forget I have a blog and it's been way too long since I've updated it. My projects lately have been to write my Mom and Dad's histories. It has been a blast from the past, and since they are both gone, it's been like doing detective work, but I'm finished with it, for the first volume. I also wrote my Father-in-Law's personal history. It was a wonderful experience, since I didn't know him when he was younger and again it was amazing what I found when I started to dig.
I'm not advertising for Blurb, but it is a great book publishing company to make larger books. These books I've completed have 160 pages, all color on premium paper with a hardback cover, for $60.00 ea. If you get the promo code, you get 20% off. It is something I think we need to do to help our kids learn about their heritage and who they are. My Mom & Dad during WWII
The really amazing thing I discovered, my grandmother was a huge knitter. She kept a leather notebook with patterns, and her writtings in it. I have kept some kind of notebook for years. One of my reletives was going through some of her stuff and knew I knit, so they passed it along to me. We are kindred spirits. You can't tell me there aren't connections to our past ancestors.