Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Grandmother was a KNITTER!!!

I'm such a blogging slacker, I forget I have a blog and it's been way too long since I've updated it. My projects lately have been to write my Mom and Dad's histories. It has been a blast from the past, and since they are both gone, it's been like doing detective work, but I'm finished with it, for the first volume. I also wrote my Father-in-Law's personal history. It was a wonderful experience, since I didn't know him when he was younger and again it was amazing what I found when I started to dig.
I'm not advertising for Blurb, but it is a great book publishing company to make larger books. These books I've completed have 160 pages, all color on premium paper with a hardback cover, for $60.00 ea. If you get the promo code, you get 20% off. It is something I think we need to do to help our kids learn about their heritage and who they are. My Mom & Dad during WWII
The really amazing thing I discovered, my grandmother was a huge knitter. She kept a leather notebook with patterns, and her writtings in it. I have kept some kind of notebook for years. One of my reletives was going through some of her stuff and knew I knit, so they passed it along to me. We are kindred spirits. You can't tell me there aren't connections to our past ancestors.


Anonymous said...

I believe it was you I saw knitting and driving down state street in orem today. I'm sure you are very gifted but please save this talent for another time other than multi taking behind the wheel of a goldish/silver car with a onepieceknitting.com license plate plackard. For shame!

Anonymous said...

My neighbor and I were just talking about that very same thing of our connections with our past loved ones!! I agree 100% that there are ties between us! Have a wonderful Holiday Knitting Season!