Friday, February 3, 2017

Knitting is Giving!

Joys of Knitting and Giving!

      Christmas was a busy time of knitting for me as I was trying to knit a cuddlesack for all my grand kids. The girls got Mermaid tails and the boys got monster tails. Good thing the knitting was done on large needles and several strands of yarn held together. I used one chenille type of yarn and two strands of variegated yarn, crazy combination but what do you expect for little monsters.  It was actually a good stash buster, I just tried to find remnants of the colors I wanted. When I ran out of one color, I just started using another. Knit on size 19 circular needles in the round and ending up with dp at the point.
      Once they opened them, they immediately crawled inside and began to scoot along the floor.  It must be the kid instinct.  Hopefully they will enjoy them to keep warm, play and know that Grandma loves them
      I do have the Mermaid tail on my website, and the monster tail will soon be coming.

Mermaid Tail Cuddlesack

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