Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just in Time for Winter

My smarty pants son modeled the finished sweater for me, but does "smarty pants" describe his look? I know modeling is not for all guys, but for your mom? O'well, the sweater is finished and actually looks really good. It will be warm and hopefully used all winter long in the Ukraine.

I used a different yarn, Vanna's Choice. I haven't used it before and I'm not sure how it will wear or wash, but I guess we'll find out. It also knit up a little thicker than worsted weight, even though it says it is worsted. Has anyone had any experience with it?

No school for the next 4 days? It's our Fall break or teachers conferences, but do I go? not! I have too much to do to catch up, like laundry, cleaning and canning. Oh, did I mention, I can, not I can, but I can fruits and veggies into those jars and keep them in the deep down under for later consumption. It's almost a lost art, but it's one of those things I enjoy doing. It would be much easier to just buy it at the store, but the taste can't be beat.


LenaL said...


What a nice blog you have! And I really love your patterns, intend to buy e couple of them. I'm always looking for top-down patterns, prefer them before anything else.

See you soon Again!

carolyng said...

Please help. I bought Seamlessly Yours thinking there would be patterns for top down cable knit sweaters. I can't seem to figure out how it's down. I love to knit top down and I love to cable. Please explain how I can combine the two.

Happy Knitter said...

I love vanna's choice it washes up nicely wears well and yes a little thicker than say redheart they both have their places, I am knitting a doll sweater from it now and love the feel.....I highly recommend it made sweaters from it last year for christmas for my grandkids and they love it

Happy Knitter said...
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