Sunday, October 12, 2008

My son will be warm

My 19 year old son is going to spend 2 years in the Ukraine. I've been knitting him a couple of v-neck pullovers and now that it is getting cold, he is anxious for me to get them finished. I have an inch left on the maroon one and it's finished.

The nice thing about knitting from the top down is you can adjust the length of the body or the sleeves so easily. When you knit them in pieces from the bottom up, you have to basically redo the entire piece if it is not the right length. I have knit countless sweaters, only to find the sleeves are too long, or the body is too short. Simple solution. Take out the bind off and add more length, or rip it out to the right length. Another nice feature of top down knitting, you can add length if the child has grown and the sleeves or body just need to be a little longer. I love it, you can't go wrong. Hopefully his is the right size, if not, it won't be hard to fix.

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