Sunday, July 18, 2010

Coulson's Thumb

One day out of the blue, Coulson, my 16 year old son told me he knew how to knit. I had never taught him, but he said he could do it. No one taught him, but he took my needles, and sure enough, he could knit, very slowly, but he did it. when I asked him who taught him, he said, "No one, he figured it out by watching me." I guess when you are exposed to something for so long, you can eventually figure it out.
Coulson is now 21, and after breaking his thumb playing soccer and having surgery, this is how his thumb ended up. Painless, yet very entertaining, we knew it had to be surgically fixed again. He couldn't put pressure on his thumb, since it would just bend backwards. So much for gripping or pinching anything.

I do have the new patterns for the Cocoons ready. Look at these cute babies, cuddley warm and happy. This little cutie is about 6 months old. The cocoon is perfect for a newborn and smaller infant.

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