Friday, September 26, 2008

The Lime'n coconut sweater is finished!

We were rushing out the door to drive to Southern Utah, I grabbed my knitting bag with my needles and went to my stash to grab whatever yarn I had handy. I eyed the brown, that works, and the white was the next choice. It needed something to spice it up. The lime green shouteed to me, "Pick Me". Oooooo the possibilities. I didn't have enough for a large sweater and so the small one was the answer. Will a child really wear these colors? Maybe if the mom is crazy, I'm crazy and I love to put bright and unusual colors on my kids.

You know you are knitting something wierd when no one makes comments about it. They look at it, look at you and don't say a word. I was a little worried at first, then the sweater began to progress and I was tickled at the outcome. I will hopefully have the pattern available on my website when I get it written up. Enjoy and knit up those leftovers, they work!

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