Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Love Knitting

I'm not crazy, I just love to knit. It is like my security blanket, I always have it with me. Waiting for kids, sitting at red lights (no, not while driving), watching TV, waiting on the phone listening to those obnoxious recorded messages, I knit! I cannot just sit and do nothing. I knit so obsessively that if I don't have it, people will questions me and ask me "what's wrong"? It's like my own personal trademark, but what better way to be known than for a hobby that produces a product that is actual useful.

My favorite items to knit are sweaters, big ones, little one, sweaters of many colors, textures, shapes and designs. Speaking of designs, I receive even greater pleasure from this craze, by creating my own patterns and designs. Colors are like the palate for an artist and can be combined in any form to create a one of a kind sweater. Some of my favorites were knit using nothing but leftovers and colors you would never think to combine.

My husband loves me with and without my knitting. He knows that if I am knitting, I am happy and doing what I enjoy. He accepts me for what I am, a crazy obsessive knitter who is not really crazy, but creative. Over the past 28 years, I have discovered that knitting is by far cheaper as a form of therapy, than a Psychiatrist.

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